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At the beginning

We were strangers starting out on a journey
Never dreaming what we’d have to go through
Now here we are and I’m suddenly standing
At the beginning with you

No one told me I was going to find you
Unexpected, what you did to my heart
When I lost hope, you were there to remind me
This is the start

And life is a road and I want to keep going
Love is a river, I want to keep flowing
Life is a road, now and forever
Wonderful journey

I’ll be there when the world stops turning
I’ll be there when the storm’s through
At the end I want to be standing
At the beginning with you

Face my own fear

So, this is me standing between two ways of life and i must take my own responsibility to choose.
It’s so hard, i can’t even think clearly now.
Should i choose the easy way or the hard way?
Or should i try both of them?
Ah, i should face my own fear.
Maybe if i stand bravely enough to face my own fear, it would be gone and i could pass it easily.
Maybe, but i’m still afraid..
Can I do it?
Can I?


Pilek berat, meler ga berenti, pusing2, demam, ga bisa bangun dari kasur.
Kondisi sakit paling ga enak taun ini mungkin, tapi hikmahnya jadi tau segimana suami bisa manjain saat sakit, dibawain dan disuapin makanan enak2, dipijitin, dan dikontrol terus temperatur badan.
Dulu hal2 kaya gini ibu yang lakuin, jadi kangen ibu.. :(

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